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The Native American tribe known as the Iroquois created lacrosse centuries ago. It was originally called stickball because it was played with a ball and a stick. The first European account of stickball was made by a French Jesuit missionary in 1637.

The name was later changed to the French word la crosse (the stick). Native peoples played lacrosse to honor the Creator because it was his gift to them. Today, members of the Onondaga Nation, which is an Iroquois tribe, still refer to lacrosse as the Creator's Game.

Originally, "stickball" was played as a tribute to the Creator. Over the years, the game has been for recreational purposes. But even when it is played for fun, the Iroquois consider it a spiritual and healing sport.


The mission of The Fort Washington Area Recreation Council, Inc (Fort Washington Boys & Girls Club) is to promote the growth of the sport of Lacrosse to a community that historically has not had the opportunity to participate in.  We strive to accomplish this goal while encouraging scholarship of the student-athlete, positive self-esteem, sportsmanship, teamwork, personal responsibility, hard work, and perseverance.  


The "Cannons" participate in the Prince Georges County Youth Lacrosse League, (PGYLL).

All PGYLL games are “recreational” level inspired by the principals of US Lacrosse’s “Lacrosse Athlete Development Model” (LADM). This is a “Small-Sided” League, with games played on a 60-yard by 35-yard field. US Lacrosse strongly encourages the “small-sided” format because it is proven to quickly improve stick skills and greatly increase the number of “touches on the ball” that players receive per game.


The Registration "Lacrosse" is not currently available.

Marvin Muldrew

Lacrosse Commisioner

Phone: 301-485-9050

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